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Dantao: The Way of Transformation

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Tao of Alchemy is the way of transforming our essence into a higher realm of existence.

Tao is 道, an image of a person sailing on a small boat flowing with the current of life. Hence, it represents a way of living in great harmony with nature, with the spontaneous non-attachment to outward convention of success and fame—for those are but constructs of social beliefs. Tao transcends and permeates all beings. Dan, means elixir, the alchemical fruit of a long arduous cultivation or immortality. Thus the story of Tao of alchemy is inextricably linked to human’s desire of liberation from the chain of old age, sickness and death.

Dan Tao, the Way of Transformation then is a vehicle of such liberation by transmuting the force of darkness into light, using the snake’s venom and turning it into antidote. In our contemporary period, DanTao, is the way of cultivation of one’s interior energy for healing and spiritual development.

The symbol of Yin and Yang forming a single Taiji

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