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Sat Hon

Dr. Sat Hon (韩锡泉) hails from Guangzhou, a city steeped in the whispers of an ancient time. He set off on an educational voyage, navigating a river of knowledge that coursed through the landscape of wisdom. His quest led him to Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine for a doctoral journey, Connecticut College for a master's exploration in Movement Analysis and Dance Therapy, and Princeton University for a bachelor's expedition in the terrain of Neuroscience. Along the way, his curiosity lured him into the deep abyss of ancient Chinese linguistics, a world submerged in wisdom whispered by the grand old masters.


In 2018, the familiar melody of his homeland played a nostalgic tune, calling him back to its embrace. Dr. Hon (韩锡泉) heeded the call and staged a workshop on inner energy cultivation at Beijing Normal University. His arrival, like the much-awaited spring rain to a parched field, was received with fervent celebration.


His touch, a balm of healing, and his teachings, a beacon of wisdom, have sparked hope and rekindled the energy of many. Among them are luminaries of their respective fields, including Philip Glass, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Sigourney Weaver, Meredith Monk, and Krishna Das.


Nestled in the teeming hubbub of New York City, stands a sanctuary of tranquillity - Dr. Hon's (韩锡泉) Qigong and Taiji Dantao Center. Since its inception in 1981, the center has been a beacon of wellness and health, guiding lost souls towards a life of vitality.


The artistic canvas of Dr. Hon's (韩锡泉) life extends beyond the confines of his healing practice. He has breathed life into two films, "Chaotic Harmony" (混沌的和谐) and "Taiji on 23rd Street" (23街的太极). His inked thoughts - "Taoist Qigong for Health and Vitality" (道家气功健康和活力) and "Healing Cancer with Qigong" (用气功治愈癌症) - act as milestones on the path to wellness, guiding readers towards health and vitality.


Dr. Hon (韩锡泉), anointed as the torchbearer of the traditional Tai Chi Chuan, has inherited this ancient martial art from his mentor, Gu Hanjing (顾涵敬). Beyond the physical, he is also an apprentice in the esoteric art of longevity, tracing his lineage to the legendary Li Qingyun (李清云), whose 265-year life reads like a tale from folklore. The wisdom and longevity of these figures continue to shape the holistic fabric of Dr. Hon's (韩锡泉) practice.


Cloud Dantao, an online sanctuary, reflects the intricate tapestry of Dr. Hon's (韩锡泉) profound insights, teachings, and healing touch. Anchored firmly in the fertile soil of ancient wisdom and extending its branches into the vast sky of modern science, it stands as a harmonious testament to the union of tradition and innovation.


Principal Teacher & Founder of Cloud Dantao
and Dantao Center, NYC
Later on Sifu Hon studied the Shaolin Kung Fu

Sifu Hon has a broad martial arts background with extensive training in qigong, Taoist interior alchemy, and Buddhism. He additionally studied neuroscience and modern dance choreography. As part of his Master's thesis, he studied with Native American shaman and their sacred dances.


Additionally as a young child in Hong Kong, he met Yi Meng, Bruce Lee's teacher.  This was his first entry into Kung Fu.

hon sat chuen OMD doctor.jpg
Finally, he encountered the miracle of Taiji Quan

Taoist Alchemy

260 old master.jpg
My Grandmaster:
Lee Chin Yuen 265 years old
Master Jou.jpg
My Taoist teacher:
Master Zhou Jong Hwai
koo sat 1982 b.jpg
My late Master: H.K. Koo who studied with Lee Chin Yuen as a young lieutenant during the Sino-Japan War.


master wang tze peng.jpg
My Grandmaster Wang Li Peng
My Grandmaster Prof. Cheng
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