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In great danger, there lies great opportunities

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

As I reflect on this time of great danger, I realize also there lies great opportunity to serve my fellow human beings. Since I tend to be more oracle than human in my existential place, so I am seeing the big picture of my place, our place, you and I, and all the Dantao community, in this WWIII, a microbial world at war scenario, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be alive in this twilight of human revolution; there were only a handful of such revolutions in humanity history, cognitive revolution, 77,000 years ago, agrarians revolution 17,000 years ago, scientific revolution 500 AD, industrial revolution 200 years ago, cybernetic revolution 1940’s, consciousness revolution 1960’s, and now this microbial revolution 2020. I foresee that life as we know it has transformed irrevocably into a new era, an epoch of further isolation, and simultaneous expansion through distance teaching and Zooming. And I felt like my late master who was born in 1900, in the time of China’s great upheaval, of overthrowing a 3000 year old feudalistic system of monarchy and then from that in mere 1950 an overthrow of the traditional private ownership of landlords, and serf and slavery to the modern communism. And Now, I am standing in the pivotal point of another tectonic shift of humanity into the cybernetic social order.

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