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The Origin of Qigong: its cultural DNA


In tracking the footprint of the origin of Qigong and Taiji Quan, akin to a anthropological geneticist, these ancient burial scrolls (200 BC) depicting the medicinal effect of the healing sounds with specific postures, and the Neolithic cliff-face painting with the ochre red figures (7000 BC) are the DNA, genetic traces of Qigong and Taiji Quan. By regenerating these movements in my body, I can feel profoundly what the ancient people experience as they dance and move with the deep drumming in the rite of spring.

Hence, besides the Neanderthal DNA that homo sapiens inherited, humanity has also inherited the cultural DNA of ritual, dances, and languages from these Neolithic human. And hence, as if encapsulated in amber, these movements are embedded in qigong and Taiji Quan.

In conclusion, it is pointless to try to attribute who had created the Taiji Quan form, the Taoist master Zhang San Fong or the Villager elder of the Chan family. Rather, they have inherited these archaic cultural DNA and developed them into forms and qigong.

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