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Nourishing Yin Qigong


Nourishing Yin Qigong Workshop: the Taiyin transfiguration cultivation.

Whereas the practice of Taiji Quan is considered as yang strengthening, then the yin nourishing is to soothe the heart and lighten up the spirit, and release the suppressed stress.

Nourishing Yin qigong has been enshrouded in abeyance for millennia akin to the treasure at imperial burial sites. However, in 1990, a faux wall crumbled at a Taoist monastery, and revealed a hidden mural of 24 sacred dance figures.

In China, the systemic suppression of women is apparently due mainly to the influence of state of Confucius philosophy of ethics and imperial mandate from Heaven rulership, a conservative ideology that has dominated the Chinese body politics for 22 centuries.

In contrast to this is the more ancient tradition of Taoist nourishing yin a more comprehensive way of life and thought in which the importance of the feminine element in human life is strongly emphasized, and which mythical and historically counts very many women among its greatest figures.

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